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Welcome to Mom’s the Bomb Fitness

Hi there! Thanks for visiting Mom’s the Bomb Fitness. We offer specialty fitness, health and nutrition support for expecting and new moms. Our aim is to help moms feel healthy and loved throughout one of the greatest changes in their lives. Mom’s the Bomb Fitness is committed to helping you feel your best throughout pregnancy and beyond and be a part of a community of other moms going through the same journey.

It is so important to be a healthy and happy momma and we want to be there alongside you helping you reach your goals. Our approach is simple: functional fitness for real life in a fun and friendly way. We will make the most out of the precious workout time you have in a personalized approach. At Mom’s the Bomb Fitness you will get to know other moms, be supported to rock your goals and laugh (or cry if needed!) along the way. We care about YOU and want to make sure you have the best possible experience. So you can show up BIG for your kids, family and life. Why? Well because Mom – You’re the BOMB!


The owner and operator of Mom’s the Bomb Fitness, Allison Power, is a passionate fully certified trainer and a mom who is inspired to help other moms have a healthy and thriving pregnancy and post baby experience. Mom’s the Bomb Fitness is a business that celebrates life through movement and with every program and conversation coming from the heart, committed to helping its clients success and enjoy a healthy life to the fullest.

Benefits of Joining the Mom’s the Bomb Fitness Program:

Get your pre-pregnancy body back and better!

Lose the baby weight, regain your strength, tighten up the lose areas to be that hot looking mama!

Stay strong, mobile and healthy during pregnancy.

Minimize the aches and pains, reduce weight gain, stretch marks, and more.

Reclaim your energy and beyond.

Our workouts and meal plans will help you get your energy back and beyond to be the best supermom you can be.

Prepare for labor and birth.

Exercising during pregnancy has been associated to positively result in shorter, less complicated labor and delivery.

Don’t have to find a sitter to workout.

Our mom and baby classes include childminding so you can get your workout in without having to worry about a sitter.

Healthy Mom, healthy baby, healthy mind.

Staying active through pregnancy and post baby periods has amazing benefits on your physical, health, mental health and baby’s health.

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